Martha Merrill Wills

Norwegian-Sister-Braids for Spring

Braids have been back on the scene for a while, resurfacing big when those of us who loved Katniss were reminded of the look in the Hunger Games. When winter came, some of us opted for blunt bobs and bangs (ahem), another fun look, but not as easy to live with (bang trims gone wrong, ahem, ahem).

This week, everywhere I looked were long, loose braids pulled over the shoulders of waitresses and…

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Life Block

Writer’s block has been worse than ever. For a month I’ve had no motivation or urgency to sit and let it happen. I’ve tried, and it’s been awful. All I want to write is my book, but with a brain full of characters and a list of other deadlines that required my written expression, nothing has come out at all. It’s been the craziest thing. A brick wall of writing blindness. Words didn’t make sense…

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Love is—nobody has ever been able to prove what it is, or whether it is or not. But everybody knows—love is. Even people who deny—they are not ready to accept anything beyond logic—even they fall in love.

—Osho, Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic (via syllablesandsoliloquies)

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